Wallace Web Design offers website design, development, maintenance and consulting services for individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Every website is a unique reflection of an individual or organization. I will collaborate with you to design a site that reflects your uniqueness and meets your goals.

Once we have created your site, I can teach you how to manage it yourself. I'm also available for a fee to maintain your site by keeping it updated and revised as needed.

I provide knowledge and skill in web design and site usability. I have a critical eye to aesthetics along with writing skill, good grammar and attention to detail in all aspects. I enjoy the challenges of creating websites along with the mix of technical and artistic disciplines.

My objective is to provide you with a very good website at a reasonable cost. I use primarily Squarespace and WordPress, both are excellent platforms on which to build websites. An advantage of using Squarespace is it takes care of all the more technical “backend” tasks such as site setup, hosting, security, platform updates and upgrades. It’s also simplest for site owners to work with. While WordPress offers considerably more functionality, it also demands more work on the “backend.”

All websites must have a web address (domain name) and hosting account. Those costs are included in the Squarespace annual subscription cost. Squarespace offers many themes that can be tailored to meet your needs. It also offers a range of functionality including blogs and eCommerce plus integrated PayPal or Stripe payment processing systems. Squarespace manages all of the “backend” details so that we can focus on how your site functions, looks and feels. While you can create your own Squarespace website, the value that I add is my knowledge of their system and ability to tailor their templates to meet your needs.

If your budget is limited then WordPress.com is a good option. Hosting is provided at no charge by WordPress.com in return for display of a few advertisements on your website. WordPress.com is a commercial service that uses the WordPress open-source software.

WordPress (which is not the same as WordPress.com) is an excellent platform on which to build a website. It offers the most options and flexibility, at a higher cost in time to setup, develop and maintain. One trade-off is between ease-of-use versus custom and detailed setup. 

I can assist with writing text for your site and product descriptions. While I have an eye for design it's important to acknowledge I am not a graphic designer and you will need to provide your own logos and other designed artwork. It is helpful if you provide your own images, including of your business and products. I can edit images and if necessary obtain additional images from iStock/Getty Images or other high quality stock photography outlets.